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The Galicia Jewish Museum has always been known, not only for its exhibitions and (probably) the best Jewish bookstore in Poland, but also for its delicious coffee!

Now we are very happy to invite you to Lauder-Szancer Cafe, a newly opened cafe in Galicia and the only one in Krakow offering kosher products.

The opening of the cafe would not have been made possible if it was not for the support of Mr. Ronald S. Lauder:

“Krakow, before the Holocaust, had some great cafes owned by Jewish people. Hopefully, this café will give visitors a sense of how it was and what we lost. Very often, restaurants and cafes were named after their owners or benefactors” – Ronald S. Lauder

The name of the cafe is also a tribute to the Szancer family and their contributions towards Polish culture and art, as well as their role in strengthening Polish-Jewish relations and commemorating Jewish heritage today.

The cafe menu includes tea, coffee, a wide selection of soft-drinks, but also sandwiches and snacks, both kosher and non-kosher.