The Galicia Jewish Museum is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

The museum was created in April 2004 by Chris Schwarz, a British photographer in cooperation with Jonathan Webber, a British anthropologist, and for two decades it has been serving all those who want to get to know and understand Jewish history and culture. In these 20 years, we have organized innumerable exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and discussions. Since 2004, we have been visited by tens of thousands of guests from Poland and abroad. We want to continue our work and to present the variety of Jewish culture and heritage to all those who have an interest in Jewish life in Poland.

That is why, in this special year, we want to assure you that these 20 years is just the beginning: the Galicia Jewish Museum intends to intensively develop its program of activities now and in the future, for decades to one. Come and celebrate our anniversary with us!

Jacek Stawiski
Galicia Jewish Museum Director


The 20th anniversary program of events will start in April 2024 with a special concert. In the spring, we will also invite you to a trip through the shtetls of Lesser Poland, to follow the footsteps of Jewish inhabitants of the region and their heritage. We will not forget our youngest visitors: we have prepared for them a program including Family Sundays of workshops, meetings with fascinating guests, and books.

Birthday themes will also be included in our program of events accompanying the Jewish Culture Festival, to which the Galicia Jewish Museum is a partner institution. On June evenings, as part of the 10th anniversary edition of “The Space of an Image”, a series of films on Jewish topics, we invite you to ten film screenings, which I hope you will enjoy.

Among our upcoming events you will find:

11.04.2024, 19.00
Galicia Jewish Museum birthday concert: Kroke

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15.04.2024, 18.00
A meeting with Prof. Jonathan Webber, co-founder of the Galicia Jewish Museum

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The Galicia Jewish Museum functions thanks to the trust and support of many individuals and institutions. By becoming part of the jubilee of our museum, you will help ensure the continuity of operation of an institution that takes an active part in the revival of Jewish life in Poland and offers a rich cultural and educational program addressed to both the local community and visitors from around the world. Together we can create an open and tolerant society which is aware of its past and is actively building a common Polish-Jewish future!

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