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The Galicia Jewish Museum’s bookshop is one of the largest bookshops devoted to Jewish culture and history in Poland, with several thousand titles in Polish, English, German and French available. It also features a collection of unique souvenirs and jewelry.


“For those seeking books on Judaica, the bookshop in the Galicia Jewish Museum is a very reliable and well-stocked resource. Its website give those interested in the history and culture or Jews in Poland immediate access to a very wide range of materials…” 

– Professor Anthony Polonsky


“For me, the bookshop at the Galicia Jewish Museum is one of the best in Kraków, without question.  From academic titles to historical non-fiction, literature, poetry, photography and art––all in several languages––the bookshop’s inventory is extensive and always current.  The shop’s design is elegant and inviting, with many books generously displayed on counters and tables.  It is a place not only for finding what you already know you want, but more importantly for discovering something you didn’t know about, that often turns out to be just as needed.  And it’s not just about books:  the bookshop’s map collection is also excellent, as is its Judaica section, especially the handmade Jewish papercuts you can find there.  Spending time in the Galicia Jewish Museum bookshop is, to put it simply, a regular part of my life when I’m in Kraków.  Over the years, it has significantly contributed to my own library, not to mention my enjoyment.” 

– Professor Jason Francisco


“The Galicia Jewish Museum has one of the most important Holocaust bookstores and Jewish history in Eastern Europe. Its adjacent coffee shop provides a wonderful atmosphere to browse, to shop, to think and to dialogue and now those of us who cannot be in Krakow can have a taste of its many offerings. We are fortunate to visit, albeit remotely, this very special place on its renewed website. It will give its visitors access to some of the most important and most contemporary works on the Holocaust in the many languages in which Holocaust scholarship is flourishing. I recommend it with enthusiasm – and gratitude!” 

– Professor Michael Berenbaum

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