The war in Ukraine. How did the conflict change the Poles and Poland – discussion

The war in Ukraine. How did the conflict change the Poles and Poland – discussion

It is now one year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. As a result of the vicious war, eight million people were displaced. 1.5 million sought safety in Poland. This proved to be a real test of Poles’ solidarity and empathy, of whether as a nation we are capable of helping our neighbors in need, with whom we have to share not only clothes, food and medicine, but often also the roof over our heads.

How did we respond to this crisis, not only in its first moments, but also later, when it became obvious that the war would last longer? What forms of assistance did citizens engage in individually, but also institutions and NGOs? Did the war across the eastern border change us as a nation, as citizens? How will not only refugees from Ukraine, but also groups from other parts of the world and ethnic and religious minorities be perceived in Poland in the future?

We will seek answers to these questions with experts, as well as direct participants in the events.

Join us for a discussion with:

• Prof. Małgorzata Kossowska, head of the Department of Social Psychology at the Jagiellonian University
author of research on reactions to the war, the influx of Ukrainian refugees to Poland and attitudes of Poles
• Olha Melnik, initiator of many campaigns on behalf of refugees and chairwoman of the board at the Poland-Ukraine Institute Foundation
• Aleksandra Zapolska, president of the Zustricz Foundation, which works in Krakow on behalf of Ukrainians and strengthening Polish-Ukrainian relations.
• Olena Medvynska, a refugee from Donbass, coordinator of the Ukrainian senior citizens program of the FestivALT association

Moderated by: Jakub Nowakowski, Galicia Jewish Museum’s Director

In Polish.
Free admission.