Concert: Mirosław and Magdalena Czyżykiewicz, “Piano”

Concert: Mirosław and Magdalena Czyżykiewicz, “Piano”

On-site event

“Piano” is an album which was created as a remedy to the difficulties of living during the pandemic. It functions as an antidote by allowing the listener to disconnect from reality by searching for other stimuli and impressions. The album mainly deals with feelings and emotions. It also has its own philosophical context by touching upon the indescribable aspects of one’s spirit. All of this was made possible by lyrics written by friends of musicians. The album includes three songs to the lyrics written by Jacek Bończyk especially for Mirek Czyżykiewicz: “I znów mnie tylko pół”, “Piano”, and “Ostatni lot”. Other songs include: “Mówisz, że…” with lyrics by Grzegorz Tomczak, “Droga do Emaus” with lyrics by Antoni Muracki, “Dreszcz” with lyrics by Grzegorz Walczak, and “PUK, PUK… (Orzech włoski” written by Piotr Bukartyk. Other lyrics include those written by famous Polish poets such as Jonasz Kofta (“Niedomówienie”) and Zbigniew Herbert (“Pora”) and two poems by foreign poets, Josif Brodski (“Do Uranii”) and Marina Tsvetaeva (“Próba zazdrości”), which are recited by Mirosław and Magdalena Czyżykiewicz.

The concert will consist of two parts. The first one will include selected songs from Mirosław Czyżykiewicz’s solo albums; the second part will include artists’ performance of songs from “Piano”.

Tickets: 50 zł
Tickets available on-site (from November 5th) and online: click HERE.