The Hannah Project

The Hannah Project

Between 25-28th June, the team from the Hannah Project (Olga&Stefan) from Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. Dresden stayed in Krakow. It was the first stop during the filming of a documentary about Jewish history and culture in the partner cities of the project (apart from Krakow, there is also Athens, Novi Sad, Hamburg, and Dresden). The film will also deal with antisemitism, contemporary Jewish communities, and art projects.

In Krakow, their film crew was assisted by Bartosz Duszyński from the Education Department of Galicia Jewish Museum, who was responsible for preparing the list of locations and inviting special guests to our film.

The film will be available on the Hannah Projekt platform (and excerpts from it on Facebook) next year.

The Hannah Project is an educational project, inaugurated in January 2021 between institutions from Greece, Germany, Serbia, and Poland. Its main focus is the fight against antisemitism and myths, and education about the Holocaust. The main goal is to create an educational platform, which will include lesson plans, memoirs of Holocaust survivors, and a digital repository showing examples of antisemitism in the four countries. Special seminars for teachers and competitions for students are also planned.