“Renia Spiegel’s Diary” – screening of a film and a meeting with filmmakers

“Renia Spiegel’s Diary” – screening of a film and a meeting with filmmakers

You are invited to a screening of a unique film series based on the diary of Renia Spiegel. The film details Renia’s lifestory through metaphoric form, using the original and unusual combination of animation and live-action.

As part of the cooperation between the Galicia Jewish Museum and the Education and Art Foundation, supported by the US Consulate General in Krakow, a team of brilliant creators put together a series of eight episodes. Each episode depicts an excerpt of Renia’s dramatic story against the backdrop of the Second World War and the Holocaust, each containing a universal meaning focused on human values: empathy, human rights, respect, and tolerance. The project also depicts dangers posed to these values by xenophobia, exclusion, persecution. All eight episodes can be found on the Galicia Jewish Museum YouTube channel and on social media.

This event will present the whole series to a live audience, followed by a meeting with the creators of this film:
Miłosz Kozioł – director and author of the screenplay (Education and Art Foundation)
Mateusz Mirocha – cinematographer (Education and Art Foundation)
Tomasz Głodek – animation creator and director
Anna Wencel – co-author of the screenplay (Galicia Jewish Museum)

Led by: Katarzyna Suszkiewicz (Galicia Jewish Museum)

The film is in Polish with subtitles in English.
The meeting with the filmmakers is in Polish.

Free admission.