Middle Eastern Culinary Travels

Middle Eastern Culinary Travels

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of Israel and the International Hummus Day falling on May 13, we invite you to a day of meetings with the kitchen! In recent years, hummus has become a symbol of Middle Eastern food, evoking numerous emotions and taking tables all over the world by storm. Coffee and tea, which are an integral part of everyday life in many homes and offices, have also been perfected in the Middle East, and their brewing is part of numerous family and social rituals. Therefore, we invite you to workshops during which participants will taste Middle Eastern drinks and food, as well as the screening of the film “Hummus!”

14.00 Coffee & Tea Workshop

Led by: Jakub Katulski (Galicia Jewish Museum & Stosunkowo Bliski Wschód)
In Polish. Space is limited.
Registration required:

15:00 Hummus workshop

In Polish.
Space is limited. Registration required:

17.00 Film screening: “Hummus!”, dir. Oren Rosenfeld

Hummus, a delicious, nutritionally rich superfood is loved by Americans and unites Muslims, Christians, and Jews around the world. Thousands of people share historical and cultural differences, but they have one thing in common… love for humus! In Oren Rosenfeld’s film, we meet three protagonists: a busy Muslim woman, a smiling Jew and a young Christian Arab. They share a common passion. We accompany Olivier, a Benedictine monk from France, who is looking for the best hummus, we watch a fierce fight for breaking the Guinness World Record in the category of “The world’s largest portion of hummus”, we also meet Aluf Abir, a hip-hop artist with a black belt. ​“Hummus!”​ is a story about ordinary people who simply love hummus.

In English with subtitles in Polish. Free admission.