“Kazimierz Not Obvious” – online guided tour with Bartosz Wencel

“Kazimierz Not Obvious” – online guided tour with Bartosz Wencel

Online event

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Szeroka Street, Miodowa Street, Nowy Square – each person that visits Kazimierz goes to these places and gets to know the history of this currently very fashionable district, which used to be a separate town. But is Kazimierz only these places? Did the Jewish life flourish only in these areas? Were there synagogues built in different districts, or only in the Jewish district? We would like to invite you to a guided tour through the Kazimierz of rabbis, Hassidim, thinkers, journalists, servants, doctors, and sportsmen/sportswomen; through the district of religious and educational revolutions, of normal and unusual people, and the district which reaches far beyond the area commonly known as the “Jewish town”.

In English.
Free admission, reservations required.