Guided tour: “KL Plaszow – A Story Written in the Archives”

Guided tour: “KL Plaszow – A Story Written in the Archives”

Led by: Kamil Karski (KL Plaszow Museum)

This guided tour is the second part of the meeting to take place in the Galicia Jewish Museum. The tour will focus on the reconstruction of the history of the camp and the fates of its prisoners, based on archival documents such as plans, prisoner files, photographs, memoirs and accounts by the Survivors. During this tour the main point of reference will be the topography of KL Plaszow and the contemporary memorial site. During a 2-hour walk the participants will get to know the history of this space – its interpretation needs engagement and support in order to understand it.

Kamil Karski – archeologist. He previously worked at the Museum of Krakow. Since 2021, he is the chief cataloguer of the KL Plaszow Museum. Kamils’ fields of study encompass the archeological research of the 20th century, including military conflicts and genocide, and education, which includes archeology, history, and sociology.

Starting and ending point: Szary Dom (Gray House), 3 Jerozolimska St.
Duration: 2 hours

Partner of the event: KL Plaszow Museum
This is an accompanying event to the exhibition “Sweet Home Sweet: A Story of Survival, Memory, and Returns”.

In Polish.
Free admission.
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