European Days of Jewish Culture – events at the Galicia Jewish Museum

European Days of Jewish Culture – events at the Galicia Jewish Museum

European Days of Jewish Culture 2023

Sunday, 3.09.2023, 17.00
Screening of a film: “Out From the Shadows”

A screening of a French-Polish documentary titled “Out From the Shadows,” which tells a story about a Polish Jew, Chaim Rozet, who was murdered by the Nazis in a town of Corrèze in France in 1944. The story focuses on the fate of Rozet, beginning with his origins and Yiddish culture in Poland, through the times of the Second World War, up until contemporary Israel in which the descendants of the hero are living today. The film depicts the story in the form of an investigation, which is led by the film director in order to discover the erased history of the hero.

In French with subtitles in English.
Free admission.


Sunday, 10.09.2023, 10.00-14.00
Workshop: “Postmemory – Is This About Me?”, workshop by Dr. Marta Bryś
Please note, this workshop is in Polish.


Tuesday, 12.09.2023, 11.00
An online meeting with Dr. Richard Haber, author of the book “Still Here. A Memoir”

Richard Haber was born in Poland in 1933 – in the very same year in which Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany. As a child, Mr. Haber miraculously survived the Krakow Ghetto by escaping it together with his parents. Then, their journey and life in hiding began. The Haber family was finally captured and sent to the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, but they managed to escape, and until the end of the war, they stayed in hiding.

When he reached Australia, Mr. Haber, being a young boy who barely spoke English, left all the terror he experienced in Europe behind and began a new life. He settled, started a family, and became an acknowledged cardiologist. Currently, he is 90 and is still working part-time.

The meeting will focus on the memoir by Richard Haber and will include a discussion on his story and the impact of difficult memories in later life, as well as the role of memoirs in historic research.

In Polish. Free admission.
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