Concert: Szczodre Gody, 2021 Tour: Velesar / Morhana / Firlith

Concert: Szczodre Gody, 2021 Tour: Velesar / Morhana / Firlith

On-site event

Velesar is a folk metal group established in Cieszyn in 2018. The group was originally a solo project by Marcin Velesar Wieczorek, the former vocalist of Goddness of Sin (2001-2007) and Radogost (2010-2014), as well as the artist behind the band River of Time (since 2014). Velesar was born with a fascination in Slavic history and culture, and metal and folk music. The main inspirations behind the project are Slavic mythology, pre-Christian beliefs and customs, and the fairy tales and legends essential to the rich cultural heritage of ancient Slavs.

Morhana is a band which connects folk melodies with the sound of classic instruments and metal foundations. The inspiration for the band is broadly understood local folklore and the culture of Ireland, Bretagne, and Scandinavia. Their lyrics often include heroes from local pagan mythology, gods from Scandinavian sagas, monsters from legends, and transcendentalism. But these themes are often intertwined with tracks which belong to the so-called “drinking songs genre”, which allows the listener to have a break from serious themes in the band’s repertoire. Various inspirations make the music by Morhana very diverse.

Firlith is a Krakow-based band which belongs to the melodic metal genre. Their music connects delicate melodies inspired by folk and unusual guitar riffs. The whole is completed with a female vocal with elements of growling.

Organized by: Tu i Ówdzie

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