Concert: Susanna Jara Trio

Concert: Susanna Jara Trio

Susanna Jara – vocalist, composer, music producer, painter, translator, and a volunteer worker. She loves to improvise. Her repertoire is unusually broad: from Orthodox Christian choir singing, through folk music, classical music, jazz, to theater music, stage music, and contemporary music. For over 30 years she has been singing and creating in six Slavic languages. Born in Pochaiv, Ukraine, Susanna began learning to play the violin at 4 years old. She continued her violin classes after moving to Poland in 1992, where she also began singing in an Orthodox Christian choir.

Her wide-ranged voice, inviting enormous possibilities, is her main instrument, allowing her to perform folk music in both authentic and stylized ways. She is not afraid to add bits new sounds when performing classical music, or to bring it back to its traditional roots. She has recorded several dozen albums and performed thousands of concerts across Europe.

The program will include original arrangements of Susanna Jara’s own compositions, works of Petro Murianka, and Ukrainian, Lemko, and Polish folk songs.

Susanna Jara Trio is:
Susanna Jara – vocals, violin
Paweł Harańczyk – piano
Michał Braszak – double bass
Grzegorz Pyda – acoustics

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Free admission.

This event is part of the project “The Key of Understanding” financed by the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund.