Concert: Maja Kleszcz “B.L.UES”

Concert: Maja Kleszcz “B.L.UES”

Maja Kleszcz, the winner of this year’s Fryderyk Award, by the audiences and critics alike, is considered as one of the best Polish vocalists. Regardless of the fact if she is composing, singing or acting on stage, she always gets the attention because of her charisma and her unique voice. 14 albums, over 20 theater performances, tv appearances, hundreds of concerts, and numerous awards – these achievements describe her best.

She began her career as a musician when she was 14 in Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa, the band which received numerous awards (e.g. BBC Radio, three Fryderyk Awards), performed in over 30 countries all over the world and received wide acclaim, from Tokyo to Los Angeles.

After she left the band in 2010, Maja Kleszcz began exploring the sounds on the fringes of jazz and blues and developing her vocal techniques. Bogdan Loebl, famous lyricist who has been cooperating with Tadeusz Nalepa, has been writing lyrics for her. She also is a great performer of new interpretations and arrangements of lyrics by Agieszka Osiecka or the legendary songs of Ewa Demarczyk. Acclaimed by the audience and critics, she received numerous awards for such albums as ”Osiecka de Luxe,” “Radio Retro,” or “Odeon,” finally receiving the Fryderyk Award for her album “B.L.UES” in 2023.

“B.L.UES” by Maja Kleszcz is an unusual, anniversary album which includes songs written to lyrics by Bogdan Loebl, the master of Polish blues, who in 2022 celebrated his 90th birthday. The album includes cult classics composed by Tadeusz Nalepa (e.g. “Kiedy byłem małym chłopcem,” „Rzeka dzieciństwa,” or „Modlitwa”), but also new arrangements of songs which Loebl wrote for Maja Kleszcz with music by Wojciech Krzak. The album is full of the style that Maja Kleszcz has been exploring for years: tasty vocals with lots of references to old blues songs, jazz, and with huge respect to all that is part of the vintage genres.

Tickets: 50 PLN (pre-sale), 60 PLN (on the day of the concert)
The tickets are available at the Galicia Jewish Museum reception desk and online.
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