Concert: Limboski

Concert: Limboski

Limboski is one of the most interesting artists in the Polish music scene. His lyrics prove that he is a keen observer of the subtleties of relations between people. When performing live, he is a stage animal with lots of charisma and a unique style.

He debuted in 2010, with his album “Cafe Brumba.” He was nominated twice for the Polish music industry awards, Fryderyki, for his albums “Tribute to Georgie Buck” and “Poliamoria.”. In 2018, he participated in the “Męskie Granie” Festival. His most known song is the hit single “W trawie.”

Limboski has spent the last few years in Berlin, where he was active in the Berlin club scene, which gave him a lot of new inspiration. His new album, titled “Ucieczka Saula,” is a connection between avant-pop and raw electronic sounds. His lyrics can be called magic realism in songwriting.

Tickets: 50 zł
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