Charity concert for Katarzyna Zimmerer

Charity concert for Katarzyna Zimmerer

On-site event

Katarzyna Zimmerer – writer, translator, and expert in the history of Krakow’s Jews. For years, she has been cooperating with numerous institutions, including the Galicia Jewish Museum. We can always count on her kindness and support. Currently, Kasia is in a hospital after a fire that broke out in her apartment. The fire destroyed furniture and her collection of books. Gas and electricity installations need to be replaced and the roof is damaged. Kasia’s family and friends organized a fundraiser which will allow them to renovate her apartment and improve her situation.

Together with our friends and artists, the Galicia Jewish Museum invites you to a charity concert; all proceeds will be donated to support Katarzyna Zimmerer and her family. The concert will be performed by many known and respected Krakow artists, including: Marek Bałata, Stefan Błaszczyński, Adrianna Bujak-Cyran, Krzysztof Cyran, Michał Chytrzyński, Kamila Klimczak, Tadeusz Kwinta, Urszula Makosz, Ola Maurer, Marek Piątek, Paweł Pierzchała, Michał Półtorak, Kinga Rataj, Ula Stosio, Andrzej Talkowski, Jacek Wójcicki, Jerzy Odrowąż Wysocki.

Led by: Sergiusz Orłowski
Sound: Jan Trybulski

Tickets: 40 zł
The tickets will be available for purchase at the Galicia Jewish Museum and online.