20/20. A meeting with Andrzej Stasiuk, author of the book “Rzeka dzieciństwa” (“The River of Childhood”)

20/20. A meeting with Andrzej Stasiuk, author of the book “Rzeka dzieciństwa” (“The River of Childhood”)

Led by: Wojciech Nowicki

“One travels to the river of childhood without end – one searches for its source in history and its mouth in memory. One recalls: a summer in the country, wading chest-deep in the current, fish scales on the clay floor, a silent shepherd who brings out cows everyday. When the river happens to be Bug, one traveling along it always travels East. One thinks: about the border, about Russia, the war, the refugees, that Bełżec is so close, and that the spring comes from the ground which is soaked in blood. One crouches by the fire and imagines: a caravan of animals walking through Masovian sands, the darkness of the ashes, in which diamonds shine. Because in fact it is not memory, but the rivers which should bury our remains. The rivers should wash them away and carry them into the oceans. It is the only end that is worth imagining.”

Andrzej Stasiuk – b. 1960. Novelist and essayist. Born in Warsaw, but he has been living in Beskid Niski for years. Author of the books Mury Hebronu, Dukla, Opowieści galicyjskie, Dziewięć, Jadąc do Babadag, Taksim, Dziennik pisany później, Grochów, Nie ma ekspresów przy żółtych drogach, Wschód, Osiołkiem, Kroniki beskidzkie i światowe, Przewóz, and many more. He is the laureate of – among other awards – the Nike Award (2005), the Austrian National Award for European Literature (2016), the Nicolas Bouvier Award (2018), and the Orzeł Stulecia Award (2021). His books have been translated to almost all European languages, and also into Korean.

We would like to invite you to join a fundraiser for the Linia Frontu Foundation (Frontline Foundation), for which Andrzej Stasiuk is an activist. The Linia Frontu Foundation supports the Donbas Battalion in providing necessary equipment. Currently the foundation is fundraising for an off-road vehicle for the soldiers.

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This event is part of the project “20 for 20. A Series of Meetings with 20 Authors for the Galicia Jewish Museum 20th Anniversary”. The project was financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland from the Fund for Promoting Culture.

In Polish. Free admission.