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08.05.2020    10:00

Your Locomotive!

Every Polish child heard “The Locomotive” and each parent or grandparent more or less knows it by heart. Tuwim’s poem has been carried through the generations for decades, just as the eponymous locomotive carries its cargo down the line.

Jan Marcin Szancer, the famous Polish-Jewish illustrator to whom the new Galicia Jewish Museum temporary exhibition “Szancer. Imagine That!” will be devoted, was the creator of one of the most beautiful illustrations of “The Locomotive”. On this occasion we would like to add one more carriage to Tuwim’s train: one filled with your voice! We divided “The Locomotive” into short excerpts. Sometimes it’s just one single word (“locomotive”), sometimes a short phrase (“(...) has pulled into town”). We would like to ask you to record and send us a short video of yourself reading one of these excerpts. You can read it all alone, or you can shout it in a group: “Poof! How she’s burning!”

All of the excerpts will be edited into a full version of “The Locomotive” and published on our website, our newsletter, and, of course on our Facebook page.

If you want to join this journey with us, send us an email at:

We will send you the needed excerpt of the poem. However, if you have your favorite part, let us know!
Poof! Let’s go!