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“What were you thinking?” – a children’s exhibition in the Galicia Jewish Museum

If the museum is a place of art and art is born out of imagination, we’d like to invite your children to take part in the children’s exhibition What Were You Thinking? Let your children become real artists – let their works hang on museum walls right next to the drawings of the outstanding Polish-Jewish illustrator Jan Marcin Szancer.

Szancer’s hand created characters who accompanied generations of Polish children and youth. Everyone knows the crazy image of Mr. Kleks, breathtaking illustrations of Andersen’s characters and Tuwim’s locomotive set in motion. These drawings – and many more – will be on show in the Galicia Jewish Museum this summer alongside the exhibition Szancer: Imagine That!

The phrase “What Were You Thinking?” doesn’t have to be read negatively, but just as a question asking, what is on your mind? We want to know what your children imagine: how far does their imagination go, where do their thoughts wander, and where do their ideas for daily activities come from? Let the imagination become a source of inspiration for works that we will show as the children’s exhibition, accompanying the Szancer exhibit. Let the little authors give their imagination a free rein!! Be it through the taming of tea bag stains, the interpretation of inkspots, a collage of (already read) magazine snippets, a torn paper collage or scratch art, it’s about having fun and showing what’s on your children’s minds. Let’s experiment and don’t allow your imagination to be tamed!

It’s worth it, but not required, to let yourself be inspired b Jan Marcin Szancer’s drawings, though that’s not the only way to open the door of your imagination. All submitted works will be framed and shown in the children’s exhibition What Were You Thinking? at the Galicia Jewish Museum. We promise a real and official opening, lightbulbs flashing and Piccolo champagne flowing– let your children enter the artistic path sooner rather than later. In the following weeks we will try to share a few ideas on how to make little works of art using everyday objects: all information will be posted on our Facebook page.

The children’s exhibition What Were You Thinking? will accompany the exhibition Szancer: Imagine That!, prepared by the Galicia Jewish Museum, about the life and creations of the outstanding Polish-Jewish illustrator Jan Marcin Szancer. His drawings shaped the imagination of generations of Polish children, youth, and grown-ups, which is why it is worth remembering and rediscovering them all over again.

Please send one selected work per child along with a brief artist’s bio and please keep to the required format: A3 or A4. Scans or photos can be sent to: paulina@galiciajewishmuseum.org while original works can be delivered to the Museum by post or in person (ul. Dajwór 18) until June 15, 2020.
The works will also be presented on the Facebook profile of the Galicia Jewish Museum. Sending the work is tantamount to agreeing to including them in the exhibition and in the media of the Galicia Jewish Museum.