Visitor services


All tours are led by qualified, experienced educators. Tours include an overview of the work of the Galicia Jewish Museum, the permanent exhibition titled Traces of Memory, and the current temporary exhibitions. The tour price is included in Museum entrance fee for groups (10 persons and more). The standard tour takes 1 hour. Shorter, general tours (30 minutes) are available upon request.


Individual tickets:

  • Adults: 16 PLN
  • Seniors: 13 PLN
  • Students: 11 PLN

Guided tour for individuals:

  • General tour (30 minutes): 60 PLN + entrance fee
  • Standard tour (60 minutes-90 minutes): 120 PLN + entrance fee

Group tickets (include the cost of a guided tour):

  • Adults: 14 PLN
  • Seniors: 11 PLN
  • Students: 9 PLN

Free admission:

  • Children under 7
  • Press/television with press ID
  • Guests with Icom cards