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July 6–11, 2020

The historical province of Galicia occupies a special place in Jewish history and collective memory. For centuries, Jewish cultural and spiritual life flourished in what is today southeastern Poland and western Ukraine, before being brutally destroyed in the Holocaust, then further subjected to the distortions and the bulldozers of the Communist era that followed. Nowhere else in Europe is the contrast between the traces of prewar Jewish civilization and the destruction of the Holocaust more striking and more visible. Nowhere else in Europe is the void that Holocaust left behind as tangible—as present—as in historical Galicia. And nowhere else is the contest of memory and forgetting as intense. In the lands of historical Galicia, almost everything is in pieces and jumbled together: the traces of the Jewish world that was, the traces of the genocide, contemporary striving not to forget, and a still-propellant amnesia. The ba- lance of these parts changes from place to place across the landscape, rewarding both broad and micro-study.

The Galicia Jewish Museum invites you for an exceptional tour that will touch the very core of what Jewish memory of Galicia is.

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