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16.08.2020    12:30

Summer with Mr. Kleks. Film screening: „Pan Kleks w kosmosie” (“Mr. Kleks in Space”)

Film screening: „Pan Kleks w kosmosie” (“Mr. Kleks in Space”)
dir. by K. Gradowski, Poland/Czechoslovakia 1988, 142’

The third of the films based upon the adventures of Mr. Kleks. Mr. Kleks is challenged by his bygone rival, the Great Electronic, who did not forget his past defeats and wants to take revenge on Mr. Kleks. The Great Electronic’s plan is deceitful, because he is hiding on a faraway planet called Mango, to which he wants to lure Mr. Kleks by kidnapping Agnieszka, one of his students from the School of the Future. As he suspected, Mr. Kleks, together with Agnieszka’s friends, immediately sets upon a rescue mission to the planet Mango. Who outsmarts who?

In Polish.
Free tickets available at Galicia Jewish Museum. Limited number of participants. Reservation required at: