The work of the Galicia Jewish Museum is possible only thanks to the trust and support of many individual donors and foundations. In 2019, the Galicia Jewish Museum received over 70 major grants and donations from individuals, foundations, private and governmental organizations.

The operational activity of the Galicia Jewish Museum in 2019 has been generously supported by: 


The work of the Museum would also not be possible without the support of Mr. Maciej Skocz.

In 2019 the Galicia Jewish Musuem organized or co-organized over 30 major projects: exhibitions, seminars and educational, cultural and artistic programmes. These projects were sponsored or co-sponsored by a number of foundations, governmental offices and individuals, among them:

The Galicia Jewish Museum could not exist without generous support from individual
benefactors. Their donations supports core activity, temporary exhibition programmes,
education and more. The Galicia Jewish Museum would like to thank following individual
benefactors for their support in 2019:

  • Mr. Kip Knelman
  • Rosenberg Family
  • Ms. Michelle Ores
  • Ms. Lili Haber
  • Mr. Amichai Pardo
  • Mr. Mark Levine
  • Ms. Maggie Bayer
  • Fay and Julian Bussgang
  • Mr. Stephen Fisher
  • Ms. Miriam Greenbaum
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo
  • Ms. Eugenia Langley
  • Ms. Paula F. Moloff
  • Ms. Liliane Sznycer
  • Mr. Abner Taub
  • Mr. Michael Traison
  • Ms. Mary Lou Wyrobek