Wrocław-Rishion Letzion

Wrocław-Rishion Letzion

Will we meet again?

Project prepared by: Bolesław Prus 6th HighSchool in Wrocław and Makif Gimel Heamit in Riszon Letzion.

Working on the film was a space where young people from both countries could not only express their emotions related to the Holocaust, war, and suffering, but also work through them in some way. It was especially important for Polish youth in the context of the recent events behind Poland’s eastern border; the war in Ukraine. The youth wanted to draw attention to the lack of continuity, to the disturbance of beauty and youth by something that is not normal or natural – this is how they define war. At the same time, they could talk about themselves and about the fact that there is hope for a better world. The combination of fictional and documentary elements was set in the past, emphasizing the need to remember history, but also looking at what is universal and speaking about emotions in their own language. Working on a project with the use of art – images, words, music – allowed them to engage all their senses and express what a young person carries inside; that which is not always possible to verbalize. At the same time, it allowed the youth to use all their resources and build relationships with one another. Joint Polish-Israeli talks showed that there are more things that connect than divide, and the film has become a universal message.

“Emotions are universal. Fear, anger, love, that’s what everyone feels.” (Marcelina, 6th High School, Wrocław)

“We want to look for what connects us. We are connected by history and emotions.” (Ola, 6th High School, Wrocław)

“We wanted to use music, images and poetry because art can best convey what we feel about the past and present situation in Ukraine.” (Hania, 6th High School, Wrocław)

“With our work, we wanted to show that we respect history, and at the same time we want to create our own future in which there is no room for exclusion. Now it is even more important because we can see what is happening beyond our eastern border. This need to look to the future and hope for a better world is the most important idea of ​​this project”. (Maksym, 6th High School, Wrocław)