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15.01.2020    18:00

“Palestinian Soplicowo”: How Polish Wartime Refugees Built a “Little Poland” in the Holy Land

Lecture by Prof. Artur Patek

From 1940 to 1948 the Holy Land of Jersualem was one of the most important centers for wartime and political refugees from Poland. This is where, among many others, soldiers of the General Anders' army were stationed. Polish wartime refugees reached Palestine (during the British Mandate) in two stages: first through the Balkan route, then, from the Soviet Union, through Iran. The first wave of refugees from Poland were those from the regions occupied by the Third Reich and the Soviet Union. The second wave were deportees and prisoners of the Soviet gulags who managed to leave in 1942 with Anders' army. Poles in the Holy Land created a substitute of Polish national life in exile, a “little Poland in Palestine”. This is exemplified by multiple societal and cultural organizations and institutions, schools, press, and work in publishing, science, and politics.

This event accompanies the exhibition “From Home to Home. A Tale of Wartime Exile and Survival of the Pisek Family”

In Polish, free admission.