Galicia Jewish Museum Director – Job Opening

The Management Board of the Galicia Jewish Museum in Kraków, announces that Jakub Nowakowski, after serving as Museum Director for 13 years, will soon be stepping down. He will be moving to South Africa to take up the senior position of Director of the Holocaust and Genocide Centre in Cape Town, starting in September 2023.

He leaves the Museum in a very strong position with visitor numbers climbing to record levels and a professional senior management team in place.

My years serving as director of the Galicia Jewish Museum were truly remarkable. Together, we went through times good and bad – but I have no doubt that today the Museum is stronger than ever before. Its strength lies in its staff, Board and Trustees, but also in its partners and friends. All that we achieved, we achieved together. At the same time I’m extremely grateful to the Board of the Museum for its support and guidance throughout the years, as well to all my colleagues and partners for the excellent cooperation – Jakub Nowakowski.

While it is sad for the Museum to bid Jakub farewell after all his accomplishments and time spent with us, we wish him well in his new position and remain sure that the Museum will continue his high standards. This will occur with the support of the Museum Board, current Team and his eventual successor.

The Board of the Museum announces the start of the recruitment process to hire a new Museum Director; both internal and external candidates will be considered.


Galicia Jewish Museum – Director Vacancy Announcement (download here)

Galicia Jewish Museum – Director Position – Job Descriptions and application requirements (download here)