11.07.2021, 11.00

Family Sunday: “Make a Stain!” – workshop for children, led by Matylda Daktyl

“Make a Stain!” is a workshop for children, which will be part of the closure of the Galicia Jewish Museum’s temporary exhibition “Szancer, Imagine That!”. It will be a great opportunity to develop one’s imagination and to be inspired by the ink leitmotif of the exhibition. Children will be able to use colored ink and



The Hannah Project

Between 25-28th June, the team from the Hannah Project (Olga&Stefan) from Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. Dresden stayed in Krakow. It was the first stop during the filming of a documentary about Jewish history and culture in the partner cities of the project (apart from Krakow, there is also Athens, Novi Sad, Hamburg, and Dresden). The