14.10.2021, 18.00

Meeting with Dr. Joanna Ostrowska, author of the book “Oni. Homoseksualiści w czasie II wojny światowej” (“They. Homosexuals during the Second World War”)

Led by: Paulina Małochleb Online event (more information coming soon) It is our fault that “They” do not exist; they were erased by post-war phantasms which were fueled by Nazi propaganda and perverse wartime and camp gossip. The stories which are in this book are only an excerpt, a sample of hundreds of stories which


10.10.2021, 20.00

Concert: Grupa na Swoim

On-site event A band created by mountain lovers and gadabouts will take you to an unforgettable journey on the trails in Bieszczady and Bieskidy. The concert will be a Krakow premiere of the second album of the band. The band: Tomek Bory Borkowski – guitar, vocals Arek Piechowski – cello, ukulele, vocals Romek Vorbrodt –


4.10.2021, 17.30

A meeting with Prof. Julian Kwiek, author of the book “Nie chcemy Żydów u siebie. Przejawy wrogości wobec Żydów w latach 1944-1947” (“We Don’t Want Jews in Our Place. Hostility Towards Jews in 1944-1947”)

Led by: Dr. Edyta Gawron On-site event About the book (excerpt from a review by Dr. Krzysztof Persak): “(…) the total and complete image of post-war violence towards Jews did not exist. It wasn’t even known how many Jews were killed in Poland after the war: various authors estimated numbers from a few hundred to