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14.07.2019    10:00

“Mornings at the Museum” – Workshops for children and parents. “Israeli Morning”

A is for Akko, H is for hummus and Haifa, T is for travel, P is for planning – this is a subjective overview of the most interesting trivia on Israel. We will not only tell you more about the most important tourist destinations in Israel, but we will also give you some tips about how to travel to this amazing country.

The youngest participants of this session will get to know a bit of the Hebrew alphabet. They will try their hand in calligraphy, and will have a chance to solve some riddles related to the Hebrew alphabet. There will also be lots of trivia on the map of Israel.

Workshops and meetings will be conducted in Polish. 
Space is limited. For reservations, please call: 12 421 68 42, or write: