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27.07.2020    17:00

Online guided tour through the Galicia Jewish Museum’s permanent exhibition “Traces of Memory”

We would like to invite you to the third episode of a guided tour of the Galicia Jewish Museum’s permanent exhibition “Traces of Memory.”

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20.07.2020    17:00

HARM? On the Rivalry in Suffering, Commemoration, and Mourning

Part of the series: “(In)separable. Difficult Subjects in Polish-Jewish Relations” Panelists: Prof. Jacek Leociak, Dr. Edyta Gawron Led by: Adam Szostkiewicz („Polityka”)

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19.07.2020    19:00

Cinema Remixed Presents: Szancer Remixed

Cinema Remixed is a project which combines film music composed by Piotr Krakowski and film visuals created live by Jacek Kabziński. It is an extraordinary collage of music and film, in which these two art forms are intertwined with one another.

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19.07.2020    14:00

A Synagogue, a Shtibl, a Tempel – Jewish houses of prayer in Krakow

Sunday, 19.07.2020, 10.00 – Online tour Sunday, 19.07.2020, 14.00 – Walking tour

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