12.07.2020    13:00

Children’s exhibition: “What Were You Thinking?”

The expression “What Were You Thinking?” doesn’t have to be a negative remark - it can just be a question relating to what’s coming to someone’s mind. We asked your children: what do they imagine? How far do their dreams stretch? Where do their thoughts go? And where do their ideas for everyday activities come from? Their imagination inspired artworks, which we present as a children’s exhibition, accompanying the exhibition “Szancer, Imagine That!”

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01.07.2020    12:00

Temporary Exhibition: “Szancer, Imagine That!”

In July 2020 the Galicia Jewish Museum is opening the door to imagination! This analogue exhibition invites you into the world of imagination of the famous Polish-Jewish illustrator, Jan Marcin Szancer, on whose works generations of children and teenagers have been raised!

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29.06.2020    15:00

Online guided tour through the Galicia Jewish Museum permanent exhibition “Traces of Memory”

We would like to invite you to the second episode of a guided tour through the Galicia Jewish Museum permanent exhibition “Traces of Memory”. As part of the project “In the Footsteps of Memory. Culture and Heritage of Polish Jews” in the following months we will highlight each section of the exhibition and present short lectures and online tours which will broaden the perspectives shown in our exhibition.

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28.06.2020    12:00

“Preserving Memory” ceremony

This year’s ceremony will not take place in its traditional form due to the pandemic. However, the jury has chosen those recipients who will be acknowledged this year. Their biographies will be presented on our Facebook page from June 28th, 2020.

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