22.06.2020    17:00

Betrayal? Anti-Polish Attitudes in Israel – Part of the series: “(In)separable. Difficult Subjects in Polish-Jewish Relations”

Discussion participants: Ambassador Agnieszka Magdziak-Miszewska, Dr. Daniel Wolniewicz-Slomka, Dr. Sebastian Rejak Led by: Adam Szostkiewicz (“Polityka”)

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21.06.2020    10:30

Themed Walking Tour: Kazimierz for Beginners

The walking tour will be broadcast live. In order to participate, please buy an entrance ticket. You will also need to have an active profile on Facebook.

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17.06.2020    15:00

Meeting with Ms. Lidia Maksymowicz, a Witness to History

Lidia Maksymowicz was born in December 1940 as Lyudmila Bocharova. She lived with her parents in the village of Prybytki near Polotsk. Three years later her family was arrested under the suspicion of contacting partisans. All of them, including little Lidia, were imprisoned in Vitebsk. After the investigation the prisoners were forced into cattle cars and, in December 1943, were transported to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

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12.06.2020    15:00

Online guided tour through the exhibition “The Girl in the Diary. Searching for Rywka from the Łódź Ghetto”

We would like to invite you to an online guided tour of the exhibition, which will also be completed with additional videos created by the employees of the Jewish Museum Milwaukee, and a lecture by Dr. Ewa Wiatr.

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