Monsters in the Annexe

Travels between magical lands, incredible creatures, enchanted princesses and a cunning Sea Devil – such is the fairy-tale world of Sindbad. The first edition of The Adventures of Sindbad the Seafarer written by Bolesław Leśmian – one of the Polish-Jewish poets and writers, was published in Warsaw in 1913 and soon became popular among the


Sweet Home Sweet: A Story of Survival, Memory, and Returns

When my father was in the Kraków ghetto he was still taking photos, and those photos were buried in Płaszów and discovered after the war, he hid them in a pickle jar, a glass pickle jar in Płaszów… So I sat with him in his home with these photographs and I asked him who everyone


“Public order and extermination. Police in nazi Germany” Koret Gallery

In a democratic state the police force is in place to provide security and order. Nazi Germany was a totalitarian state based off of the exercising of extreme violence and the consent of thereof. The exhibition explores the role of the German Police after the seizure of power by Adolf Hitler until the fall of

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