We are leading various education classes on Judaism, Jewish culture, Jewish history and the Holocaust, as well as anti-discrimination workshops.

The classes have a form of workshops, museum classes, lectures or outside tours. We always adjust the content to the level of knowledge of the participants, as well as to their age. We are always doing our best to lead each class in a friendly atmosphere which encourages dialogue and after-thought.

Our offer includes classes to anyone, any age – from kindergarten children to elderly visitors.


Each tour is adjusted to the participants’ age and level of knowledge:

  • Permanent exhibition “Traces of Memory” (Duration: 45 minutes–1 hour; can be adjusted on request) – Price: 8 PLN per person for students and 13,5 PLN teachers.
    All tours are led by qualified, experienced educators. Tours include an overview of the work of the Galicia Jewish Museum, the permanent exhibition titled Traces of Memory, and the current temporary exhibitions. The tour price is included in Museum entrance fee. Extended Question and Answer sessions are also available.
  • Interactive guided museum tours (Duration: 75 minutes) – Price: 8 PLN per person for students and 13,5 PLN teachers.
    This interactive tour is our new way to present the content of our exhibition. We ask our guests to take part in tracking down traces of the Jewish past. Like researchers, guests will reveal hidden photos, maps, and texts that complement the main narration of the exhibition. Additional materials that are found and presented by visitors will aid in understanding temporal material changes and broaden guests’ perspectives of some of the most important aspects of Jewish history in Poland. Students become co-authors of the story told during the tour.


Duration: 90 minutes

Meeting with survivors is, for many of our visitors, the highpoint of their entire Polish experience. Stories told by elderly people who have been through so much make an impact on young people and alter their outlook. Meetings in the Galicia Jewish Museum are organized with the intent to provide a friendly atmosphere for survivors, one that makes them comfortable to tell their stories and answer all kinds of questions from the audience afterwards. Meetings are translated by employees of the museum who are experienced in working with survivors and have a background on the subject.


Educational workshops on Jewish culture and tradition or Holocaust-related topics
All workshops are in English and are led by qualified, experienced educators from the Museum’s Education Department.

  • “Po-lin: Here We Will Rest” – a workshop on Jewish history in Poland (Duration: 90 minutes) – After a short discussion of the timeline of Jewish history in Poland, participants will be divided into small groups and given materials dealing with a particular epoch. They will then ‘be the experts’ and prepare presentations for their classmates. At the end, the discussion will focus on the major themes of the Jewish experience in Poland.
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Jewish Culturej – a workshop on basic Judaism and Jewish tradition (Duration: 90 minutes) – Participants will attend a short lecture on the Jewish life cycle, customs, and holidays. Then they will be split into groups to work on selected topics in more depth. Working with extra materials, participants will prepare presentations on their assigned topic using different media. Examples of presentations include writing a newspaper article about Jewish weddings, a radio interview with a family about to celebrate a child’s bar or bat mitzvah, a poster about sacred texts in Judaism, and making a short film about different ritual objects.
  • Choices Faced, Decisions Made: The Holocaust and Wartime Morality (Duration: 90 minutes) – In this workshop, participants will debate the choices faced by different individuals connected with the Holocaust, discussing the complicated issue of victims, perpetrators, and bystanders. In small groups, students will read and discuss the stories of people and their choices during the Holocaust. They will then present these people to their peers, creating a discussion of the many difficult moral choices with which people struggled during these times.

Art and dance workshops

  • Jewish dance workshop
    Duration: 60 minutes
  • Hebrew calligraphy
    Duration: 60 minutes

During the workshop, participants will learn the Hebrew alphabet and symbolic significance of its letters as well as discover secrets of sofer’s work – copyist prescribing the sacred Torah scrolls. They will also try to write their names in Hebrew using special pens.


The Education Department specializes in the fields of:

  • Judaism and Jewish tradition
  • The History of Jews in Poland, antisemitism and the Holocaust
  • Jewish literature
  • Images of the Holocast in literature and film
  • Romani history and culture
  • Discrimination, hate speech and the language of propaganda

Lectures are aimed at older teenagers, young adults and adults and can be formed as general introduction to the topics, or as their detailed studies. Each class is created individually for each group depending on its needs and interests.

For more information, please, contact our Education Department – tel. (0048) 12 421 68 42.
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