26.09.2021, 11:00

Photos in a Jar – The unusual story of survival and post-war returns of Ryszard Ores. Guided theme tour with Małgorzata Fus

Guided theme tour with Małgorzata Fus Starting point: in front of the building of Hala Targowa (14 Grzegórzecka St.) This story has everything: Jewish ancestors – who were Polish patriots fighting with Piłsudski for Polish independence, tickets for a ferry to America, kosher sausages, love, war, and the Shoah. Above all, this story also includes


23.09.2021, 10.00

Online guided tour through the area of the former Krakow Ghetto. Led by: Ewa Węgrzyn

Led by: Ewa Węgrzyn Online event on Zoom Join the guided tour on Zoom: The Krakow Ghetto was created in March 1941 in Krakow’s district of Podgórze. The prisoners of the ghetto were mainly Krakow’s Jews. In 1942, deportations from the ghetto began. In 1943, the ghetto was


21.09.2021, 17.30

Lecture: KL Plaszow – A Story Written in the Archives

On-site event. Led by: Kamil Karski On the outskirts of Krakow, Germans created a forced labor camp in 1942, which was later transformed into a concentration camp. The largest group of the prisoners were Krakow’s Jews, who were displaced from the Krakow ghetto to the camp in March 1943. Other camp prisoners included Jews from

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