24.07.2021, 20.00

Concert: Balsam

The band Balsam is a poetic combination of traditional dance and music of Europe. As Balsam is often described as being in the balfolk genre, their music is mostly created for dancing: whether it is a joyful Circassian circle, a transe Breton hanter-dro, an upbeat Irish polka, or an intimate French mazurka. The band members


22.07.2021, 20.00

Concert: Limboski

Limboski is one of the most interesting artists in the Polish music scene. His lyrics prove that he is a keen observer of the subtleties of relations between people. When performing live, he is a stage animal with lots of charisma and a unique style. He debuted in 2010, with his album “Cafe Brumba.” He


11.07.2021, 13.00 | 12.07.2021, 11.00 i 14.00 | 14.07.2021, 11.00 i 14.00

A farewell guided tour through the exhibition “Szancer, Imagine That!”

These are the last days when you can visit the Galicia Jewish Museum’s temporary exhibition “Szancer, Imagine That!”. We would like to invite all of the adults and young fans of the works by Jan Marcin Szancer to take part in a tour led by our museum guides. In Polish. Free admission. This is an