23.10.2022, 11.00

Family Sunday: meeting, art workshop, and a pre-premiere presentation of a book

Come and join us for a meeting and art workshop with Ela Wasiuczyńska, a painter and illustrator, and a pre-premiere meeting with the latest volume of the book “Pan Kuleczka. Niespodzianki” by Wojciech Widłak. During the meeting we will look at some original prints of “Pan Kuleczka”, a bestselling Polish children’s book, and we will


25.10.2022, 18.00

“Helena Rubinstein. First Lady of Beauty” – exhibition opening

We would like to invite you to the opening of a new temporary exhibition at the Galicia Jewish Museum, which will be devoted to the life of Helena Rubinstein, a renowned entrepreneur, one of the most intriguing personas of the 20th century, who in a few decades of her career built a worldwide cosmetics empire.


26.10.2022, 18.00

Film screening: “Bogdan’s Journey”

Film screening: “Bogdan’s Journey” dir. Michał Jaskulski, Lawrence Loewinger, 2016 At 7/9 Planty Street in Kielce, there is a two-story, relatively small house. Right after the war, it was the site of the Jewish Committee, in which a few dozen Holocaust Survivors found refuge. On July 4th, 1946, the citizens of Kielce, prompted by gossip