20.06.2024, 12.00

20 for 20. Guided Tour Through the Galicia Jewish Museum Exhibitions

Led by: Jacek Stawiski Since this year is the Galicia Jewish Museum’s 20th anniversary, on the 20th day of each month we would like to invite you to a unique guided tour through our exhibitions. Our employees have created their own, alternative guided tours of the Galicia Jewish Museum according to one rule: one single


9.06.2024, 11.00

Family Sunday: “Kraków. Przewodnik dla dużych i małych” (“Kraków: A Guide for Young and Old Ones”) – a meeting with Barbara Gawryluk and Łucja Malec-Kornajew, authors of the book

We will be taken on a trip to the royal city of Kraków by Barbara Gawryluk, a writer and Łucja Malec-Kornajew (also known as Detective Fishka), a tour guide through Kraków, as well as by Jadzia, the 12-year-old granddaughter of the Wawel bell-ringer. “Kraków is of course historic monuments, churches, museums, prominent persons, and important

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