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16.09.2019    18:00

Book promotion: „Wojna nadejdzie jutro. Żołnierz legendarnego Kedywu ostrzega”

Book promotion: „Wojna nadejdzie jutro. Żołnierz legendarnego Kedywu ostrzega” (The War Will Come Tomorrow: Soldier of the Legendary Kedyw Is Warning)
(Znak Publishing House 2019).
Meeting with the authors: Michał Wójcik and Emil Marat

Everything begins with a lie. Poland and Europe were destroyed by lies. Now, this falsehood is spreading again. For political purposes, our memory is being destroyed, stretched so tightly, that it could break at any moment. Stanisław Aronson (nom de guerre “Rysiek”), a Pole and a Jew, escaped from a train transport bound for the death camp in Treblinka, fought in the Home Army, and was wounded in the Warsaw Uprising.

In an uncompromising conversation with Michał Wójcik and Emil Marat, Aronson, one of the last living authorities, asks and accuses:

Why did the Polish Underground State not defend its Jewish citizens?
Why is the myth of the “Cursed Soldiers” being created, which only hurts the glorious tradition of the Home Army?
Why is history being manipulated to strengthen divisions?

“Your world might collapse just as mine did,” Aronson warns us. Simultaneously, he believes that what is most important, is that which brings people together. If we are not deceived by a history based on lies, we will still have the chance to build a Poland of free-thinking people, who are kind to one another.

Emil Marat – journalist, writer
Michał Wójcik – historian, journalist

Both authors are laureates of the “Polityka” weekly magazine Historical Award. They are authors of such best-selling books as „Ptaki drapieżne” (Predatory Birds), the story of Lucjan “Sęp” Wiśniewski, an executioner from the Home Army counterintelligence.

The meeting will be led by Katarzyna Zimmerer.

This is an accompanying event to the exhibition of the winning work of the Inaugural Chris Schwarz Memorial Art Award “Doors”.

In Polish.
Free admission.