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Anna VanMatre, “To Those Who Fight...”

Exhibition available from July 13th, 2020
Taube Family Gallery

The works of Anna VanMatre were created especially with the Galicia Jewish Museum in mind. They are dedicated to members of the Jewish Combat Organization in Kraków, a group of young women and men who, although they had no hope for victory, took up the fight against the occupier during World War II. In the face of the German policy of the mass extermination of Jews, after the creation of the Kraków Ghetto, and after the first deportations to the Bełżec Death camp in June 1942, these young people organized and carried out a series of subversive and combatative actions against the Germans outside the ghetto. Most of these young Jewish fighters were killed in action or were captured and shot.
This series of works is part of Anna’s new artistic strategy, which is founded on dedicating an entire series to individuals or groups who fought to defend vital causes and ideas. Her works are expressive while abstract, combining digitally-manipulated photography with drawing.
The exhibition will also present a large-format work dedicated to Jan Karski and entitled To Those Who Forewarn… The year 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Jan Karski, whom the artist met in the final years of his life. Karski was a legendary emissary for the Polish Underground State. In his reports for the Polish government in exile and for Allies, he describes the fate of the Jewish population in the occupied Polish lands and the Holocaust.