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19.07.2020    14:00

A Synagogue, a Shtibl, a Tempel – Jewish houses of prayer in Krakow

A synagogue, a tempel, a kloiz, a shtibl or bet ha-midrash - these words describe different places where Jewish communities used to pray. There were more than a hundred of them in pre-war Krakow, but were they all as grand as those at Szeroka Street? Were they as crowded? Were they all located within what we call “the Jewish Quarter”? We invite you for a walking tour to the places connected with Jewish religious life, during which you will hear the stories about the best known and the completely forgotten Jewish houses of prayer in Kraków.

Online tour:
Sunday, 19.07.2020, 10.00

Online walking tour live on Facebook. In order to participate you need to buy a ticket and have an active Facebook account. 
Tickets at 10 PLN are available on Museum’s website until 18.07.2020, 17.00:
More information:


Walking tour:
Sunday, 19.07.2020, 14.00

Limited number of participants. It is necessary to make a reservation by email:
Tickets at 10 PLN are only available on the day of the walking tour at the reception of the Galicia Jewish Museum, for those who make a reservation in advance. 
The participants are obliged to cover their mouth and nose during the walking tour. 
The tour is in Polish.
Start: Galicia Jewish Museum, ul. Dajwór 18