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18.02.2018    15:00

Winter Vacation at the Museum: Concert of Children's Songs by Czereśnie

We would like to invite you to a special concert by the band Czereśnie, who would like to introduce themselves:

„We create music for the youngest audiences. But – since music knows no borders – we will also please any other good listener. We sing songs about important issues – those important to children and adults, alike – nature, competition, fruits and vegetables! We also focus on the importance of ecology.

In 2017, we issued our debut album titled „Ale wrzawa!” (“What a Noise!”)
Our goal is to enrich the children's music genre. Remember! Music is not only a way to relax and to have fun, but is also an important factor in the development of any person’s sensitivity, creativity, and talent – especially for the youngest among us.”

The band:
Andrzej Zagajewski – mandola, banjo, ukulele, vocals
Justyn Małodobry – keyboard instruments, vocals, rattles
Jakub Lewicki – bass, tuba, vocals
Maciej Lewicki – drums

In Polish, family ticket: 10 PLN