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09.06.2019    10:30

Themed walking tour: Traces of the Jewish Worlds in Kazimierz

When speaking of Jewish communities, it is most common to use short descriptions, such as “Jews”, or “the Jewish community”. However, the pre-war inhabitants of the district of Kazimierz were hardly a homogenous group, whether in terms of culture, religion, or class. Did they share values? Did they share their answers to the challenges the Jewish communities faced living in Kraków and Kazimierz over the course of many centuries? We would like to invite you to a guided tour during which we will attempt to show how many Jewish communities lived and still live in Krakow, and how they did and still do differ.

In Polish
Free admission
Space is limited. For reservations, please, call: 12 421 68 42, or write:
Starting point: Galicia Jewish Museum, ul. Dajwór 18