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26.07.2018    18:00

The World through the Lens of a Documentary: “The Shutka Book of Records”

“The Shutka Book of Records”
dir. Aleksandar Manić

Czech Republic, Serbia, Montenegro 2005, 78’

Shutka is the largest Roma settlement in the Balkans – at least according to the words of a young local fisherman, who is the main protagonist of this documentary film, shot in co-production with Czech Television. The film is a guide through the streets of Shutka, where every person we meet is a national champion, or even world champion, regardless of the subject. What is important is that each person believes in their uniqueness and others recognize it. In this ever-expanding society, space is made for competing religious representatives such as those participating in a Muslim dervish or the servants of God using the “medium” of Christian tradition. The local homosexual man in his colourful wardrobe is no less respected than the greatest pair of lovers – prostitute Kasandra and the elderly Alfonso, who enjoys walking around Shutka in a copy of Tito’s uniform. This Macedonian settlement, with its difficult to estimate population, also has its own music industry: from the recording studio to the workshop for music videos, and even some big stars, who due to the active work of local music pirates must earn money the old-fashioned way – by performing at weddings, circumcision celebrations, and funerals.

Golden Arena FIPRESCI Award for the Best Feature Film + Golden Audience Award - Novi Sad Film Festival 2005, Audience Award for the Best Non-Spanish Documentary Film - Documenta Madrid IDFF 2006, Honorary Diploma for Directing and Camera - Czech Film and TV Association 2006, Grand Prize for the Best Film - Egypt Int. Documentary Film Festival Ismailia 2006, Amnesty International Slovenia Award - Ljubljana IFF 2005, Main Prize for the Best Documentary - International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico 2007, Audience Award - DoxBox 2008.

In Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, and Macedonian; subtitles in Polish.
Free admission.
Partner: Against Gravity