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31.10.2019    18:00

The World through the Lens of a Documentary: “The Poetess”

Dir. Stefanie Brockhaus, Andreas Wolff
Germany 2017, 90’

Hissa Hilal is the voice from behind the veil. Her weapon is her word. Hissa is a self-taught writer who says what she thinks. She decides to take part in the Million’s Poet show, an Abu- Dhabi-based television show. It is the Arab world’s largest poetry competition, and it is dominated by men. Hissa works her way up, becoming the first woman to reach the finals. In her poems, she criticizes the patriarchal Arab society, and attacks one of the most notorious Saudi clerics for his extremist fatwas, live, in front of 75 million viewers. We will never see Hissa’s face. Like the majority of Saudi women, Hissa is covered from head to toe. She is not allowed to drive a car. She does not own a passport, and requires consent from her husband for any sort of activity. Coming out of nowhere, the housewife Hissa is suddenly breaking news in mainstream Western and Arab media. How did she gain the knowledge and courage to step on stage, risking her life? This is Hissa’s story.

Partner: Docs Against Gravity

In Arabic and English, with Polish subtitles.
Free admission.