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30.06.2019    10:00

SUNDAY, 30.06.2019

10.00 – From Kazimierz to Jerusalem – familly city game

Start: Galicia Jewish Museum, ul. Dajwór 18
Free admission, reservations:
Organized by Galicia Jewish Museum, Israeli Days Assosiation

Together with the Association of Israeli Days in Krakow, we invite you to the next edition of the city game for families. As usual, there is waiting for you a specially prepared route, full of puzzles and interesting challenges connected this year with Jerusalem. If you like puzzles, fun activities, and playing with others, this is the event for you! We invite teams of up to four people each. 

The game will take place if the minimum number of teams (4 teams) meets – max. 8 teams

10.30 – Kazimierz for beginners:a themed walking tour; Bartosz Wencel (PL)

Guided tour  
Start: Galicia Jewish Museum, ul. Dajwór 18
Ticket: 10 PLN, reservations:
Organized by Galicia Jewish Museum

There are multiple ways of presenting Kraków's Kazimierz, including separate Christian and Jewish narratives... But we can visit it in a different, off-trail way, linking these two apparently different worlds. During the walking tour we will guide you through streets, squares and lanes, shared by all residents of Kazimierz since the 19th century. Did the removal of barriers affect the Christian-Jewish, and then Polish-Jewish relations? Can we still call this district of Kraków a Jewish Quarter in the 19th and 20th centuries? Is there a Christian Kazimierz alongside Jewish Kazimierz nowadays? Join us for a walking tour searching for answers to those questions.