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30.07.2018    10:00

New catalogue accompanying the exhibition "Traces of Memory"

In 2016, the Galicia Jewish Museum opened the updated version of the permanent exhibition "Traces of Memory. A Contemporary Look at the Jewish Past in Poland". The exhibition gained over 60 more new photos by an American photographer, Prof. Jason Francisco. These photographs depict the scale of change which occurred in the memory of the Jewish past as well as Jewish life itself in the course of the last few years. Prof. Jonathan Webber, who created the original version of the exhibition with the photographer and founder of the Galicia Jewish Museum, Chris Schwarz, is the author of the captions to the exhibition’s new edition.

The newcatalogue accompanying the exhibition "Traces of Memory" is available at the Galicia Jewish Museum bookshop.

The combination of touching and probing descriptions with the works of two photographers, one who documented the reality of early post-Communist Poland of the 1990s and the other who captured the very same space after 25 years of democracy, make the exhibition and the catalogue a unique look at the Jewish heritage of southern Poland from the perspective of the last 25 years, presenting its starting point and the current situation.