Museum News

22.11.2017    18:00

Meeting devoted to the “The Diary of Rywka Lipszyc”

The meeting will be participated by: Ewa Wiatr and Monika Polit, and moderated by Dr. Monika Stępień.

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26.11.2017    18:00

“Line 41” – Film screening

The film screening will be accompanied by a meeting with the protagonist of the film, Mr. Natan Grossman (the Holocaust Survivor) and the director, Ms. Tanja Cummings.

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07.12.2017    19:00

Kalman Segal – Archivist of Two Worlds

Discussion with the participation of experts and the readers on the life and work of the Jewish writer from Sanok

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16.12.2017    19:00

Hanukkah Concert: Legend of Kazimierz

The band was formed in Kraków, in 2013. They perform ‘root music’, which has been influenced by the Mediterranean region. Elements of Jewish music, Balkan temperament (Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania) and Gypsy energy (the so called “Jewish Gypsy”) are also prevalent.

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