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26.11.2017    18:00

“Line 41” – Film screening

A Holocaust Survivor from the Łódź Ghetto (formerly: Litzmannstadt) returns to the city in order to find traces of his brother who was killed in 1942. His trip crosses paths with the journey of the son of a former Nazi mayor of the town, who comes to Łódź to uncover a family secret that’s been kept hidden for years.

The film screening will be accompanied by a meeting with the protagonist of the film, Mr. Natan Grossman (the Holocaust Survivor) and the director, Ms. Tanja Cummings.

The film is in Polish and German, with Polish subtitles.
Free admission.

This is an accompanying event to the exhibition “The Girl in the Diary. Searching for Rywka from the Łódź Ghetto” which is currently on display at the Galicia Jewish Museum.