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14.09.2017    18:00

Lecture: Kabbalah in Contemporary Culture, prof. Boaz Huss

The lecture will discuss some of the major developments of contemporary Kabbalah and Hassidism, and the integration of Kabbalistic themes into contemporary culture.  Following a general survey of the major concepts of Jewish Kabbalah and its historical development, we will look at the contemporary revival of interest in Kabbalah in Israel and around the world. We will discuss some of major contemporary Kabbalistic and Hassidic movements, such as the Kabbalah Center, Bnei Baruch, Chabad and Breslov Hasidism, and examine the integration of Kabbalah into contemporary arts and popular culture.

Boaz Huss is a Professor of Jewish Thought at Ben-Gurion University. His research interests include the history of Kabbalah, Western Esotericism, New Age Culture and New Religious Movements. His recent English publications include: Boaz Huss, Zohar: Reception and Impact, The Littman Library of Jewish civilization (2016) and Julie Chajes and Boaz Huss (eds.), Theosophical Appropriation: Esotericism, Kabbalah and the Transformation of Traditions, Bialik Institute (2016).

Co-organizer: Institute of Jewish Studies, Jagiellonian University.
In English.
Free admission.